Outsourced Vs In-house Secretarial Services

In this hard economic era, companies are trying all possible ways to minimize their overall operational expenditure. One of them is by outsourcing secretarial services. When it comes to areas such as secretarial and administrative tasks, these services are providing great solutions for many companies. Here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of relying on both in-house and outsourced company secretarial services, you should know.

Advantages of Outsourced Company Secretarial Services

Outsourced company secretarial services do present a wide variety of value-added benefits, both startups, and established firms.

Cost Efficiency

The biggest benefits of using outsourced secretarial services are the amount of company operational expenditure you can be able to cut down on. To begin with, you won’t have to invest in a comprehensive training program or refresher course for secretaries. You will not have to invest in the normally expensive office equipment that is necessary to retain in-house secretaries. You will also not be obliged to foot regular employee pay and work benefits for secretaries. All of these factors will be the sole responsibility of the company whose services you outsource.

Versatility of Services

Now more than ever, you will be able to outsource any particular secretarial service your company requires at any moment. Most of the most reputable companies who provide these services make it their primary business to retain a team of secretaries who are experts in specific fields of this profession. Some of the most notable are statutory financial returns, tax records maintenance, business paperwork filing, company resolutions preparation to mention but a few. These are extremely specialized skills that can require substantial investment if you decided to employ in-house secretaries.

Enhanced Company Efficiency

It is a well known that outsourcing secretarial services do in fact improve office efficiency. In turn, this improves productivity. These professionals are always dedicated to the projects that are handed to them and will always ensure they perform a professional and exemplary job.

Disadvantages of Outsourced Company Secretarial Services

Finally, outsourcing company secretarial services can prove to be a hindrance to the more established businesses. Like it had been earlier noted, the level of trustworthiness and accountability isn’t always at par. Additionally, you will not have direct control over the duties you delegate to your chosen outsourcing company.


Confidentiality and Trustworthiness

To begin with, the sensitive nature of this job, corporate entities deeply appreciate having secretaries whom they can absolutely trust. Secretaries often have to process very sensitive documents like tax returns, file confidential documents and review secret company resolutions. This means having an in-house set of secretaries they have vetted is an essential consideration.

Accountability and Accessibility

For the more the established business entities, having someone whom they can access on a daily basis is critical. Also, having someone who can always be accountable for his or her actions is also important. This provides the firm assurance that they will always be in a position of having some high level of direct control over the tasks they allocate to them. This cannot be so with outsourced services.

Significant Costs Involved in Retaining In-House Secretaries

First of all, to hire regular in-house secretaries, you will have to make a colossal investment in accessing such services. This includes comprehensively training your secretaries to be able to efficiently undertake the various administrative tasks you set for all. Additionally, you will have invest in the necessary equipment and office space for them to be fully operational. Thirdly, you will have to meet regular human resources expenditure such as salaries, PAYE tax, pensions, sickness pay, and vacation pay. All of these costs can be overwhelming for a startup or even a small business establishment.

In-House Office Politics Influence

With in-house secretaries, there is always a high possibility of petty office politics influencing the quality of work done. Interpersonal employee relationships can make some secretaries prefer working for certain ‘bosses’ than others. Also, the level of confidentiality, as well as discretion, can also have a toll on the way the job is handled.

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